Giraffe Oaxacan Alebrije Wood Carvings For Sale

Tall and slender, curious giraffes survey the African savanna. Francis Agbete carves the elegant pair of native teak wood. By Fernando Castro, this figurine depicts a rotund giraffe.

giraffe wood carving

Zeny and Reyna carve the sculpture by hand and paint it with exquisite detail. The giraffe’s tail is braided with maguey ixtle fibers, which are somewhat coarse since they are not treated. Our items are all handmade from individual wood and wooden giraffe sculpture each piece is unique. Colorful hand painted finishes give each mask a unique personality. Kenyan artisans hand carve stylized decorative animal masks from the wood of the jacaranda tree, a species that grows prolifically in East Africa.

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The Kamba tribe of Kenya is a community of skilled craftsmen. The Kamba artisans create fine pieces of hand-carved animals, wall decor, bowls, cooking utensils, and furniture. They work with a variety of materials like bamboo, wood, and metal. They believe God, who they call Ngai, imparts shape to all living things. Carving is seen by the Kamba people as one of Ngai’s creative efforts. Traditionally, only men from the tribe carve wood.

The wood carvers of Bali practice tradition of carving dating back hundreds of years and are truly masters of their craft. Mutisya Munge, a Kamba man from the Wamunyu area, is known as one of the pioneers of woodcarving craft. He made sculptures of Kenyan wild animals and Maasai warriors and sold many of his hand-carved pieces to the army soldiers during the First World War in 1917.

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Seeing the finished piece of work that is made using african wood carved giraffe can help to boost self-esteem. Using these products can help the artist express themselves in different ways. Projects such as these are great for occupying time and can also be shared with others. When completed, these projects will give the user a sense of achievement, and many of these products can be gifted or used as display pieces around the home.

giraffe wood carving

This provides artisans with a sustainable source of income for their craftsmanship. Kenyans have since evolved in their craftsmanship employing the use of ethically sourced chemicals to help preserve the wood and protect it from external attacks. For most items, we have an affordable first class parcel option for international. We pack very carefully and have successfully shipped worldwide many items. For items under the £135 threshold, UK shoppers will see VAT-inclusive pricing when they view listings in search and browse, as well as on the listing page. The VAT amount seen before purchase is an approximate value.

KambaCarve has handpicked a collection of hand-carved items from olivewood and jacaranda wood. You can browse through our collection of salad bowls, scoops, cooking spoons, cheeseboards, and snack bowls made from olive wood. They are perfect for serving a dish or use as a salad bowl. Kamba tribe also carve animal sculptures inspired from Kenya’s wildlife like giraffe, zebra and elephant from jacaranda wood. The skill and craftsmanship of the artisan can be seen in the smooth finish, natural grain, and carved details. All the products from the collection are ethically sourced.

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  • Zeny and Reyna hand-carve this alebrije figurine of copal wood, complete with a tail made of maguey fiber.
  • The stain is a rich brown, the carving is well done, and its solid without being heavy.

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