Three Steps That Should be  Concerned

I want to share my passing exams in three important packages. Remember that I have not taken the exam at number one and more than ten years on a young or professional level. For a long time I only attended CCIE written exams. Here’s the real question. Have you ever wondered why they have this giant keyboard at the Pearson Test Station? As I was preparing for the exam this morning, I was wondering why they bothered you if you used the mouse to run the exam software. Anyway, I quit thinking and thought it might only be for non-Cisco exams. Now, after finishing the DevNet exam, quickly, boy, I found a reason! The morality of this story is that exam preparation will not work. So, before taking the exam, make sure you take enough time to master your Python programming skills, your API knowledge and any other subject that requires hands-on work in my curriculum.

Second. Let me begin by saying that there is a big difference between a programmer and a programmer. With a DevNet part or DevNet Associate exam, you are just a good programmer or call it a small developer. You don’t have to be Dennis Richie or Linus Torvalds. As long as you can effectively integrate with Cisco REST APIs and Python libraries in DevNet Exchanges or GitHub, you’ll be fine. If you’re already a programmer, of course you can use the Cisco SDK to write impressive apps, but it doesn’t have to be a great network developer. Keep this in mind when preparing for the exam.

As the third. I heard that some people who passed the exam said that the exam was fair. I agree that the exam will be fair if you think how carefully test questions test what the official DEVASC plan offers. However, as with most Cisco exams, you can expect strange things without real value. Now, if someone is telling you the best way to reach the automation side, starting with a new CCNA, or if the new CCNA can somehow prepare you for the DevNet Associate exam, that’s not true. If you want to jump into automation with both feet, start with the DevNet segment and explore your network protocols and technologies as you explore the basics of the Cisco network and platform in more detail. So if you are a DevOps or DevNet programmer, you can learn to work on the Internet. With Network DevOps or IaC, DevOps comes to the network, no matter what, otherwise. The result is also true, so you don’t have to be a CCIE-level network fan to become a great network developer.
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