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Implementing an Azure Data Solution

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Azure Data Engineer Associate

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Amazon DP-200 Sample Questions

Question #1

You are a data engineer implementing a lambda architecture on Microsoft Azure. You use an open-source big data solution to collect, process, and maintain data.
The analytical data store performs poorly.
You must implement a solution that meets the following requirements:
✑ Provide data warehousing
✑ Reduce ongoing management activities
✑ Deliver SQL query responses in less than one second
You need to create an HDInsight cluster to meet the requirements.
Which type of cluster should you create?

  • Interactive Query
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache HBase
  • Apache Spark

Correct Answer: D

Question #3

You develop data engineering solutions for a company. The company has on-premises Microsoft SQL Server databases at multiple locations.
The company must integrate data with Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure Logic Apps. The solution must avoid single points of failure during connection and transfer to the cloud. The solution must also minimize latency.
You need to secure the transfer of data between on-premises databases and Microsoft Azure.
What should you do?

  • Install a standalone on-premises Azure data gateway at each location
  • Install an on-premises data gateway in personal mode at each location
  • Install an Azure on-premises data gateway at the primary location
  • Install an Azure on-premises data gateway as a cluster at each location


Correct Answer: D

Question #4

You are a data architect. The data engineering team needs to configure a synchronization of data between an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server database to
Azure SQL Database.
Ad-hoc and reporting queries are being overutilized the on-premises production instance. The synchronization process must:
✑ Perform an initial data synchronization to Azure SQL Database with minimal downtime
✑ Perform bi-directional data synchronization after initial synchronization
You need to implement this synchronization solution.
Which synchronization method should you use?

  • transactional replication
  • Data Migration Assistant (DMA)
  • backup and restore
  • SQL Server Agent job
  • Azure SQL Data Sync


Correct Answer: E

Question #5

An application will use Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB as its data solution. The application will use the Cassandra API to support a column-based database type that uses containers to store items.
You need to provision Azure Cosmos DB. Which container name and item name should you use? Each correct answer presents part of the solutions.
NOTE: Each correct answer selection is worth one point.

  • collection
  • rows
  • graph
  • entities
  • table


Correct Answer: BE

Question #6

A company has a SaaS solution that uses Azure SQL Database with elastic pools. The solution contains a dedicated database for each customer organization.
Customer organizations have peak usage at different periods during the year.
You need to implement the Azure SQL Database elastic pool to minimize cost.
Which option or options should you configure?

  • Number of transactions only
  • eDTUs per database only
  • Number of databases only
  • CPU usage only
  • eDTUs and max data size


Correct Answer: E

Question #9

A company manages several on-premises Microsoft SQL Server databases.
You need to migrate the databases to Microsoft Azure by using a backup process of Microsoft SQL Server.
Which data technology should you use?

  • Azure SQL Database single database
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Correct Answer: D


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