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That being said, I think Barry should use this course as a part 1 of a complete course, then the next section could be an intermediate section, and then have an advanced third section. I think this course as it is is a little incomplete and has too few live videos. It’s almost like he introduces concepts but doesn’t really get too deep into them and doesn’t really expand enough on them.

Like everyone’s retail trading dreams came true. In fact this trait often has a downside of which I became aware while still a toddler. I even agree with a prior synergy forex trading system post from a user that suggests for him to start writting this stuff in some major public exposure and i have no doubt that one day he will have to do it.

Wave Counts have long been a standard in trading. Barry’s Top Dog Trading Toolkit uses a simple and incredibly effective method to measure and count waves. This MetaStock add-on is designed to locate with pin-point accuracy 16 unique entry patterns depending on where you are in a cycle. New trends are great opportunities to trade in conjunction with the current trend. As such, more established trends are prone to reversals and are good opportunity for counter trend trading.

Secondary courses include Fibonacci Trading ($96) and Candlesticks Made Simple ($98). The Advanced Price Action course is $496. I paid for TopDog mt4 indicators bundle on 4th August 2022 but up to now I am not able to install and begin to use them effectively. I wrote to the client support unit about my experience, and they attempted to help but the complications encountered were not resolved and they abandoned the issue without solving it. As it is right now, I have installed the indicators but cannot effectively apply them to my trading charts making them useless to me.

I have gained new insight on indicators and techniques that have definitely improved my skills as well as my general viewpoint. Just a few days ago, i got a call from “Robert” saying that they are putting together a select few to train. They made it sound like it was exclusive and that they only select a few individuals. They are asking $3500 for the one on one training. In reading on this site, i found another individual who was also contacted by Barry Burn’s team. This individual said they will ask for more money down the road.

“Dr.” BB is still around guys, except he seems desperate for more churned income of newbs. The course I and II are now no longer individually $297, but each $496 or $497 with the advanced course for $499. There are also a fib course for $96 and $497 so his way of trying to charge $600 without looking like it lol. Also the Al Brooks plagiarized course from the book which seems to be linked to email newsletter only people so far.

top dog trading review

With self-paced courses, newsletters, and even coaching with their founder (Dr. Barry Burns). Wait, before you jump in and buy, read our in-depth review of Top Dog Trading and learn more. Email coupon promo codes are good for only one purchase, and our community members share email codes for Top Dog Trading and thousands of other retailers. Since these codes expire after a single use, you may need to try a few codes before you find one that works. Sometimes, email discount codes may be the only way to save at

I did read somewhere else that Barry was involved in a Multi Level SCAM which made me weary. Not going to do the one on one coaching, just the courses. This setup utilizes the principles in his courses, while focusing on one particular application. I would suggest that every trader do this initially. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided.

About Top Dog Trading

I study Barry methodology about 7 months. He has large experience in trading and He is great teacher – that months was large step in my evolution as trader. I liked it a lot and its easy to understand. There are two Top Dog Intermediate Courses catering to day trading and swing trading styles which cost just under $500-each.

There is a very detailed and clear-thinking individual behind this material, not someone out to make a fast buck . He should be close to “retirement” now, or rather SSDI if he even paid taxes. So anyone considering, realize this shamshow charlatan and fraud has been doing this since the web got going from baud with html 1.0 days. And he had to move from Thousand Oaks to Sherman Oaks. Does that sound like a wealthy from trading sizing up move?

Lots of traditional knowledge that didn’t take me long to find out that in today’s markets won’t result in high probability most of the time. Brilliant marketer with the “Dr” moniker to the price of his repackaged common junk found anywhere and finally, the price point. Get 100 sales a month or more, you are living really nice. On top of that he has this snake oil crap and appeals to MLM people who are always looking for some magic pill to make money… Finally, his folksy understated manner… The fake reviews…. He will be around for years to come as their is no stopping a guy that charges his price point. I have purchased his foundation course 1 & 2 and found some success using his techniques.

By a community member (and backed up with a screenshot from proving that it works), so you rarely run into expired Top Dog Trading promo codes on Knoji. And Top Dog Trading discount codes online. There just aren’t that many trading systems that work long-term in the Forex market. I’ve tested a lot of trading systems over the years.

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Cyber Trading University, by contrast, could have taught me everything in five hours, in other words, very little at all. Yeah, he’s got his clothepin-pinching nasal voice and the topdog melody at the end of the videos with the silhouette of the mutts looking proud of their shamshow. He should watch out, new snakeoil blood like IP and Raynard Teo are coming up on yt taking over the numbers of the new generation hapless aspiring potential victims. Initially I had mixed feelings about Dr. Barry Burns, but now have concluded that Dr. Burns makes many valid points.

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In addition to MLM websites, Dr. Barry Burns also maintains where he claims to currently earn two, six figure annual incomes working from his castle in Los Angeles Ca. Using an alias, I sent Barry an email about his various and many multi coinarketcap level marketing opportunities. I was really curious about his claims of living in a castle in Los Angeles. That sounded interesting and I was hoping for some proof of the castle and the multiple six figure incomes, but he simply refused my requests.

More About Barry Burns

I have been practice trading this market for about 6 months prior to buying the course, so I’m not a complete newbie. I am following the methodology to the letter, but it does not provide successful trade signals as promised. When I request help from Dr. Burns, I’m told that it works for them, and to review the course materials, which I’ve dove several times. I guess I should do the opposite of what he teaches.

Often John Carter wasn’t in the room and “fibqueen” Borodin was there. The room usually had 300 to up to 1500 members. In light of WarriorTrading’s room numbers, in hindsight I wonder how many were dummy fake generated members. I think the room was Carter’s “simpler options” or something like that. Another thing I got from the room, was even if they traded for themselves why would they bother teaching when they can still sell the dream through scam products.

Investment scams are getting harder to spot, but there are some signs that you should take into consideration to protect your money. Of course, with the MetaStock Explorer you have the ability to scan the market to find your trading opportunities based on Top Dog Trading criteria. Based on popular demand, this updated version includes new indicators, explorations and wave counts for Dr. Burns Momentum waves.

The common used strategy by fraudsters is tofirst send you some returnsto give you the impression that you are quickly and effortlessly making money. You should definitely avoid any what affects treasury yields unregulated or offshore investment companies. An unregulated company is clearlynot authorizedto operate in any regulated country and you should definitely not put any money into it.

It is hard to learn the holy grail of trading is you. Absolutely, John Carter is one of those legacy “traders” who has built a tradeducaton affiliate empire now. I took his $67 “trial” room and all it was mostly bad option trades where the losing results were never reported. Other than that it was just an ad room for education products and recorded seminars costing hundreds to thousands more.

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